1. What is COVIDTrace?

COVIDTrace is an application developed to combat COVID-19, by tracking close contacts of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients. It consists of mobile apps (iOS & Android) and a web-based component.

2. Who built COVIDTrace?

COVIDTrace was built by Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS) in collaboration with Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) to support Sarawak Government efforts to combat COVID-19.

3. How does COVIDTrace work?

COVIDTrace enables community-driven contact tracing by:

● Recording the duration and approximate distance of encounters between two COVIDTrace users.

✾ The duration and distance are approximated by using Bluetooth Relative Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI).

● Allows the upload of close contact data for COVIDTrace users to speed up contact tracing for COVID-19 cases.

✾ Uploads are requested and handled by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak (JKNS), with consent from individual COVIDTrace users.

4. What data is collected? Are you able to see my private data?

We are very mindful of our users privacy and collect only what is necessary to allow close contact tracing.

● The only personally identifiable information we collect is your mobile phone number.

● We do not collect your geolocation data.

● Close contact data is stored locally in users’ mobile phones and encrypted.

● Encrypted Temporary IDs (instead of mobile numbers) are used in the messages between close contact phones.

● Close contact data only needs to be uploaded if requested by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak (JKNS), and only with with your consent.

5. How do I set up COVIDTrace?

After installing COVIDTrace, set up COVIDTrace following the steps below:

a. Launch COVIDTrace and click “I want to help”.

b. Read the information and click “Get Started”.

c. Enter your mobile number and click “Get OTP”.

d. Enter your OTP and click “Verify”.

e. Read the Consent Statement and click “I agree”.

f. Click “Proceed” to set up app permissions.

g. Click “Continue” to complete your COVIDTrace set up.

h. This completes the COVIDTrace setup for Android users. Keep COVIDTrace running in the background.

i. This completes the COVIDTrace setup for iOS users. COVIDTrace works best in the foreground. We recommend you keep the app open especially in crowded places.


j. iOS users are advised to turn off 'Low Power Mode' when they launch COVIDTrace to allow it running in the background. To turn 'Low Power Mode' on or off, go to Settings > Battery.

6. How do I upload my close contact data?

You only need to upload your close contact data if requested to do so by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak (JKNS), and only with your consent.

a. Launch the app and click “Upload”.

b. Click “Next” to proceed.

c. Verify that the contact tracer is from JKNS. Click “Next” only if the Verification Code provided by the JKNS official matches the one shown on your screen.

d. Enter the Upload PIN provided by the JKNS official and click “Upload data”.

e. This completes the data uploading process.

7. Do I need to keep my phone’s Bluetooth turned on?

Yes. You need to keep your phone’s Bluetooth turned on at all times for COVIDTrace to work.

8. Will running COVIDTrace whole day consume a lot of my phone's battery?

From our tests, the battery consumption with our app running all the time varies depending on your phone's make, model, operating system and Bluetooth version. For phones with the newer operating systems such as Android(tm) 10 and the power efficient Bluetooth hardware such as Bluetooth 5, we expect the daily battery consumption to be within the range of 1% of the total battery usage. For older phones with older operating system and Bluetooth hardware, we expect daily battery consumption to be in the range of 1% to 5% of the total battery usage. Disabling battery optimization or turning off 'Low Power Mode' is a contributing factor for this consumption (Refer to 5.(j)).

9. Where I can download the COVIDTrace mobile app?

You can download the COVIDTrace mobile app through https://covidtrace.sarawak.com.my/

10. There is something wrong with my COVIDTrace. What should I do?

You can contact SAINS Contact Centre (24 x 7) through email: callcentre@sains.com.my, or telephone: 1300887246.

11. Can I install and use COVIDTrace on my older device?

For COVIDTrace to work, you need:

● Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or higher on Android Devices.

● iOS 10 or higher on Apple Devices.

We currently do not support other mobile operating systems.

12. In the setup process, COVIDTrace asks for my Location Permission on Android. Does it collect my location information?

The location permission is only required on Android devices, not on iOS devices. This is because Android requires Location Permission for Bluetooth to work. COVIDTrace does not collect your physical location information

13. How much mobile and Wi-Fi data does COVIDTrace consume?

COVIDTrace shall consume a minimal amount of mobile and Wi-Fi data.COVIDTrace does not need continuous Internet connectivity to function. However, it does need occasional Internet connectivity to retrieve encrypted Temporary ID from the server, which helps to protect your privacy.

14. In case I update my COVIDTrace upon a newer release version from App Store, will my original data be deleted?

Your data will not be deleted upon updating COVIDTrace to the newer version.

15. As shown in the screen below, my Bluetooth Permission Status is off after I finished the setup process of COVIDTrace in my iOS device. I cannot turn it on even I start my device Bluetooth function manually.

This Bluetooth Permission issue is found in some iOS devices. Please restart your device for solving the issue.

16. Why am I not receiving the One-Time-Pin (OTP) after I entered my mobile number in the COVIDTrace registration process?

COVIDTrace shall send you an OTP upon the registration of your mobile number. Please check whether you entered the correct mobile number of the particular phone you used.

If your phone number is correct, please check that your phone's contact book or your telco service provider did not blacklist the phone number of 62999 and 63998.

If the problem persists, please contact SAINS Contact Centre (Email: contactcentre@sains.com.my, Telephone: 1300887246).

17. What is QR Scanner?

This is the latest feature in COVIDTrace v1.5! Under the new normal, businesses and organisations need to track the visitors who enter their premises. The QR Scanner makes it easier for businesses to keep a record of their visitors. It allows businesses to inform their visitors of any potential exposures more efficiently. It is more precise than GPS tracking, works indoors and saves power too.

18. How does COVIDTrace QR Scanner work?

For businesses and organisations, the owners shall register themselves to obtain QR code for their premises. Once the QR code is successfully obtained, the businesses and organisations can print out the QR code and display it at the shop entrance. This allows COVIDTrace users can scan the QR code before entering the premises. To register for your businesses and premises, click here.

For shoppers, please download the COVIDTrace app at Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so that you can use the COVIDTrace QR Scanner to scan QR code before entering a premise. Once you scanned a COVIDTrace QR code, your visit will be recorded.

Businesses and shopper will be alerted if a person who visited the businesses within 14 days is positively diagnosed for COVID-19.

19. How can business owners register their businesses?

You can register your business and organisations here.
Watch videos here where you can find a video guide on how to register a user account for your businesses.

a. Go to https://covidtrace.sarawak.com.my/biz and click “Register Now!”.

b. Fill up your business information which includes the Company Name, Company Registration Number, Company Email, and Contact Person Name. Set a password for your business account too.

c. Enter your mobile number and click “Get OTP”. Then, enter your OTP.

d. Read the Customer Declaration and click on the checkbox. Click “Register” to complete your registration.

e. Review the information you filled in and click “Register” to complete your registration.

20. How business owners add new premise and generate QR code for each premises?

You can generate QR code for each of your business premises by logging into your business user account here.
Watch https://covidtrace.sarawak.com.my/video.html. The video guides you on how to register your businesses and get a QR code for your premises.

1. Add new business premise:

a. Login your business user account through https://covidtrace.sarawak.com.my/biz . Click “Login” and fill in your login details. Click “Login” again to log in.

b. Click “New Location” to add your business premise.

c. Fill in the details of your premise, including the name, address, and premise type. Then click “Save”.

d. You can view the newly added location on your dashboard.

2. Generate and print the QR code:

a. Login your business user account through https://covidtrace.sarawak.com.my/biz . Click “Login” and fill in your login details. Click “Login” again to log in.

b. Click “View QR Code” of the premise that you want to obtain its QR code.

c. Click “Print QR Code” to print the QR code.

d. A new window will pop up and display a print dialogue. Select your printer or “save as pdf” to print your QR code.

21. Why can't I scan the QR code generated from COVIDTrace Business Premises Website?

Users are required to use the COVIDTrace app to scan the QR code. The QR code for Business Premises only works for COVIDTrace app and not other apps or phone camera. Please download the COVIDTrace app at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

22. QR Scanner shows a blank screen for my iOS device.

This is due to COVIDTrace not being permitted to use the camera of your iOS device.

You can allow access by going to Settings > Privacy > Camera > COVIDTrace and then enabling the permission by tapping the switch next to it. Once done, please try the COVIDTrace QR Scanner again. If required, restart your iOS device after enabling the permission.

If the problem persists, please contact SAINS Contact Centre (Email: contactcentre@sains.com.my, Telephone: 1300887246).